Miss Spelling and other people I know.

JDM_N6_Animal72720141I am not the worlds worst speller but probably close to it, I blame it on “Spell it like it sounds” schooling with teachers who mispronounced and a poor memory for things other than pictures. I do ,however, misspell on purpose and it’s up to you to figure out which I did with no hints on my part! I am a visual artist who loves drawing and painting things that words make my minds eye see so Shakespear is just that , a hand on a staff with a pointy end shaking like mad. Truth is just your way of looking at the world and there are always shades of gray or grey depending on what side of bed or the globe you got up on today. I hope it was sunny, you have enough moisture to quinch your thirst and some food to keep you going and a place to feel safe in. If not I know how it feels to not have one or more of those and pray you better days!

Yes I Said it

About yesisedit

Old guy, young mind.
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