Sanity to the insane …

I know I’m sane !

I know this because you haven’t put me out on the street yet.

Because the government still asks for my taxes and expects me to pay them.

Because the space aliens haven’t come for me yet.

Because even though every manic driver in the world lives within 40 miles of me and they all get on the same road I am on and try to get me they haven’t succeeded in murdering me because I still have my wits about me.

And finally and most importantly because when I talk to myself  NO ONE LISTENS !



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Old guy, young mind.
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1 Response to Sanity to the insane …

  1. M says:

    And that is why I shout into the wind.

    The words inside are let out, and pass by my moist lips without a sound, brushed away instantly by the roaring wind.

    The angst is not heard by me as it splatters and shatters into the brusque turmoil about. My words are for others that I cannot say aloud, and as the wind tears at them I hope they can hear, but know they will not.

    For I am me, and real. I feel. I think. I need. I want. But theirs is a world where people are wrapped up in their own, alone, as I guess sometimes it’s where I reside, too.

    I am passionate, without reserve, and the wind is my stormy companion that beats at me and reminds me I am alive.

    And slowly I lick the moisture from my lips, and taste its salty tang. I brush the tears from my eyes as I turn away from the wind and go about my day.

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