Lepus Zonkus or Rampaging bunnies


Cute furry little things with noses constantly twitching, a sort of angst I suppose .

A gentle creature to most, heaven knows, but with sharp teeth , strong legs and vicious toes!

On a certain night when warm winds blow, the blood runs hot and begins to flow, the soft patter of bunny feet in tunnels far below.

The coyote and wolf are quite aware to stay away from the bunnies lair for there is nothing worse than a wild hare!


About yesisedit

Old guy, young mind.
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1 Response to Lepus Zonkus or Rampaging bunnies

  1. M says:

    John. How wonderful to see that you have used this image and verse to create greeting cards! I loved seeing them on your site. Hope you do some more. But meantime these look so good. Such wonderful and unique gifts. Lots of fun!

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