Votes finally counted

Well Thor’s day has arrived with a gigantic news break … Flash … Nov. 27, 2008 the Zoo vote, after much delay because the monkeys were in charge of the ballet boxes, has finally been counted, It seems as predicted the Elephants went lock step in favor of Republicans, Asses as you might expect went Democratic though some balked, Zebras were evenly mixed and Horses said “Neigh”. The Lions were poled after their vote but none were found to tell the truth, Cheetahs stuffed the ballet boxes in favor of their candidate,
Giraffes didn’t bother to vote saying they were taking the long view and it didn’t matter in the short run, this view peeved the Mice as short sighted.  the Pig vote was seen as a bust as they were side-tracked into going shopping for lipstick to help the economy, the Vultures too missed their vote while lobbying congress for money to promote their favorite CEOs bank accounts and the vote was deadlocked so the deciding votes would have been up to Snakes but they have cried Fowl as none could pull the lever in their booths so the election is still undecided. The Snakes further say their fellow Rattlers overseas did not get a fare shake because they were banned from mail in ballets in Ireland. In more election news Lemmings ran amuck and committed suicide after some turmoil on the Alaskan north slopes. So all in all the Zoo vote has not affected the current outcome of recent elections!  
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