One day it came to me.

I was on the road and weary, walking all the day.
Evening came with cold dark skies and I looked for some weeds within to lay.
No one had I seen to hitch a ride, the pain in my head grew and hunger deep inside.
I hauled up underneath a tree, amongst some savory weeds that looked ok to me.
To stem my hunger I grabbed a few, put water in my cup, a hunk of shoe and started my hobo stew.
As the sun was sinking my fire was warm and I was thinking.
This soup is mighty tasty with those funny weeds, why I should put more in, I’ll add some seeds.
Evening sun was yellow and almost dim when I heard “AHEM’ coming from a wee little fellow.
I jumped in surprise two feet high, he just stood there, backlit, his vehicle near by.
He said as I settled against the tree, ” you were looking tired and a ride I have for just a little fee “.
I stammered ” WWWhat might it be you could possibly want from me?
He smiled a funny crooked smile so wide with lips so thin and skin like desert dried hide.
“Why some of your tucker, I’ve come a long long way and I missed my supper.”
I looked at him and then my cup. I shoved over what was left and invited him to sup.
As he sipped like a gentleman of taste I watched for sign he might lay me to waste.
He did not though and only spoke of wondrous things while stuffing more weed into his poke.
He said to me it must be grand for you to have such food and all this land.
I said it was and looked around. No other living thing could be found.
He finished with a noisy slurp rubbed his round tummy and let out a burp.
The earth it shook and rumbled, the sound so strong in made me tumble.
I got back up as he laughed so loud it laid the grass so low it looked plowed.
He said ” Because you were so kind to share your fare, my ride and I will take you anywhere”
He spread his arms and looked to the skies, a twinkle in those deep purple eyes.
I asked if there was no limit, he said ” not for you my friend anywhere you wish and time can’t dim it.”
I pondered a bit . You don’t get a chance like this often so I searched my whit.
I looked out and pointed saying “Among those stars?” I just didn’t want to be left on Mars!
He chuckled a little saying “yes I’ve been there but I’m not so sure take some care!”
I cried “YES YES out there’s the place, no more running this crazy race!”
We hugged shoulder to shoulder. He pointed the way and walked me over.
He stuffed me in a funny machine while he slipped to controls in between.
The engines fired with a shake, we bolted like the strike of a snake.
We flew through the universe his eye on his dial. I said I was tired and slept for a while.
When I awoke though it was with a bad omen you see for he had left me under that same old oak tree.
Now some say it’s wondrous and some say it was the weed but I say I slept soundly on old shoe and seed.

About yesisedit

Old guy, young mind.
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1 Response to One day it came to me.

  1. John Murphy says:

    Just a side note … the main character in this little tale was left among the stars he pointed to, he never said on what planet so in that way he already had what he wished for and didn’t know it.

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