In God We Trust

Ever since I was a very small child I wondered how Christmas had anything to do with money except the wise men gave baby Jesus some as tribute.
I never remember reading in any version of the Christian, Hebrew or Muslem texts that money would get you anywhere in heaven nor was it good for more than earthly things unless you considered the sacrificial lamb or two that is, and Jesus cast out the money changers because they were trying to make profits from things holy to his beliefs.

I thought about it many times and asked many scholars from many religions and all had something to say but none that satisfied me as to why earthly gold had anything to do with heaven, it all belongs to God anyway so he doesn’t need any more.

Nope only people lust after money and it is true in all religions that wealth on earth is linked in some way with the all mighty. Either he will give you it for believing in him or you should give it so his works can be done here on earth as if he needed any help in any matters at all.

Well I am not the wisest of people nor the smartest seed on the olive tree but I think Money serves other masters than God!

“Give unto Caesar what is …….. ”

In God we trust

About yesisedit

Old guy, young mind.
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