“I was there once” I said to myself  and wondered who said that.

“I know there are deer just beyond those trees” I can smell them, it’s old hat.

I hear words like “no” and I know there is something I shouldn’t do but why, I do not know.

They smell delicious, I would share and the chase would be a wonderful thing so let’s go.

He is telling me something that sounds like I will regret it but I know I won’t.

There they are just a short sprint over easy ground but here it is again “Don’t!”

I like him even if he is a pill! Why he even roasts perfectly wondrous raw kill.

Oh now I’m going no matter what it is he’s trying to say.

Look at them all dancing with excitement, what wonderful prey!

I could run forever mile after mile but I’ll go back and let him see my happy smile.

Hey what’s this ? no “atta boy” or “good boy you” ?

I will never understand that attitude after such a wonderful chase, where they all almost flew!

OH I see … I didn’t catch one to bring back with me.

Next time I’ll not ask, just go and bring back a present then perhaps he’ll be much more pleasant.

About yesisedit

Old guy, young mind.
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