O-phiuch-us, the 13th sign

The name of our thirteenth Zodiac sign just goes to show how the gods think of us in these troubled times “O-phiuch-us”
Minotaur or goat, scales or virgin and what the hell happened to my rising sign in all of this. The gods have abandoned me to a life of confusion so my sign must be

“Mental ward this way –>”.

OH stars that guide me, woe is the dark day a 13 came into my life … no wait that’s the day I was born on and it hasn’t been all that bad, well except when I got that ticket on Friday the thirteenth when I was confused as to what state I was in, physically not mentally … or maybe that should be turned around … I’m not sure because my life long Lebrian balance has been given to a Virgin and we ALL know how confused virgins are. Anyway, if you thought I was a little wacko all these years you can now understand, as I do about YOU, why.


About yesisedit

Old guy, young mind.
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