String theory … perhaps

This ones for all you scientist types out there, especially physicists, I learned string theory as a very young child and it goes like this, Very easy to get it!, When you are about 5 or 6 years old your mom sends you to the store to get some bread, milk and an avocado. As you travel through time ( it’s a long way to the store, perhaps 2 blocks) you look at your finger where your mom tied that string so you would remember the milk, avocado and something that started with a B, must have been bubble gum. As you pass through space you are getting bored so use the string to tie on a cat’s tail so she will remember to go home, this causes almost immediate warp drive on the part of the cat at least and a ton of amusement and wonder for you. Now you find that you have passed the store and lost a bunch of time (Time warp is discovered) but you turn your self around and make it to the store and pick up Bubble gum, malt and an Abazaba and head for home. You find that it is taking way too much of your time so you look for a black hole (Convenient alley will do with a hole in the fence, yet another scientific find) as you arrive you find your mother pacing , asking me why it took a “Month of Sundays” to get home, while it just seemed like mere minutes to me, and where was the change she was supposed to get ( something about quantum theory I think ) and while an argument ensued as to what the string theory meant in my case, no one agreed on the outcome  (just like modern science!) and I was banished to the outer corners of my universe. She did look much older than I remembered her when I started my quest.

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Old guy, young mind.
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