Child’s guide to making Antimatter

Here it is kids, the Uncle John’s way of making ANTIMATTER. First you need 200 plus pounds of Aunty ( adjust weight to fit Aunty ) then put her in charge of all the last minute X-Mas shopping and the family gathering on new years eve. This will set into motion a whirlwind, almost unstoppable, of human research and nagging that on January first will leave her spent like an old toxic fuel rod from your local damaged nuclear facility BUT she will feel like it couldn’t have been done without her and she really does matter.   That’s how you make Aunty Matter.

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Old guy, young mind.
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3 Responses to Child’s guide to making Antimatter

  1. Hello! I am just dropping by a little present for you, The One Lovely Blog Award from Mis Experiencias Personales. Congrats!

  2. John Murphy says:

    Thank you Novie, I have been enjoying your travels on photos as well. Britian looks sunnier than I thought it would … ”c)~

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