I live in Oregon away from big cities.

I draw and paint when I can and love old Chevy trucks , first series 46 to 53s to be exact as I can be.

I like animals. Some may be sneaky or may bite you when your back is turned but they are as honest as honest can be. I do not own any other creature but have been adopted by a dog or two and many cats seem to find me an easy mark, none of whom share the inside of my living spaces. I try to help them if I can with food but never trick them or treat them meaner than they treat me. That goes for people as well !

My friends and lovers are that for life. Even when we dissagree I try to see the world from their view and sometimes see how bad I look, sometimes they lose in the view but always I try to forgive any transgressions and make amends or go my own way and learn to let the anger go. I confess to taking a while in some cases but am at peace with all today.

If you are a friend you can call me John or Hap or Murph, if not call me what you will and I will ignore you as best I can!

7 Responses to About

  1. barri martens says:

    can i still call you hap?i don’t think i could get used to calling you john,lol!as you know,i’m a big fan of your wordplay,and make a valiant effort to keep up with you:-)sometimes i pull it off,sometimes i don’t,even making MYSELF groan and laugh sourly.i’m proud to call you my friend,and i’m a big fan of your art,especially the ants!

  2. yesisedit says:

    HEE HEE Of course you can!
    A friend can call me what they will and never think twice that I would be offended and you are a friend to be sure! And I have not forgotten about a special drawing you want , I am just slow as mud.

  3. SK says:

    I call you Bro’ and you can’t ignore me because I won’t let you. But you know that all too well and I know you like it.

    We lounge in a special place you and I,
    so strong is this no other can pry us apart, never!

  4. yesisedit says:

    Well SK you know that I believe you are right , I would have it no other way and I love it, it’s true!
    No bond can be greater than joined spirit mixed with blood , tis true.
    Are you as neurotic as me? … Naaaa… but close ! ”c)~

  5. Shamus O'Neill says:

    Tell me it ain’t so, Ask me how long a friend can be a friend? johndenanielorangeblossommurphyesquireIII,
    Without a doubt, this has been one of my best years since 1970, or 71, I have finally thru what I had thought was a lost cause, “found an old friend”, a friend that meant the alot to me, one who kept me smiling when times were not worth smiling. Lost contact? never to be heard from again? thought so! oh but to my delight, this friend was resurrected, I owe it all to my lovely wife, (oh, let me clarify) My lovely second wife! The first one couldn’t give a damn if I ever talked to any of my old friends again. But that’s in the past, so letting bye gones be bye gones I will only leave you with this, it is wonderful to hear your voice, to see your work, to enjoy, once again, the artful way you perceive life. Please, never change, and oh one more thing, please never loose contact with me. I remember one of my professors once saying “loosing an old friend is like loosing your hair, you know it’s gone, and you know that it went down the drain, but you can’t find it, and you will never be able to bring it back”

  6. yesisedit says:

    HAHAHAHA well Shamus, my oldest friend, Forever is my only answer and nice to know the Prof. was not completely right but then Is there ever any truth that doesn’t change as time goes by? Yup I think the calls to the universe paid off to all concerned here. About a week earlier to you contacting me two other friends , Gary and Cheri, had found me as well and through the strangest way. A friend of mine from Australia , Jillian , who was living in Atlanta Georgia , had put my name out as art partner and they saw it on this crazy medium , they contacted her and she contacted me and all in one month my life changed for the better!
    I do believe in the “put it out there and it will come to you ” theory ! I had been looking for all of you as well! Telling stories of borderland raids on Mexico’s back streets and beaches, of waking up in the strangest places and all because of friends who I enjoyed and would still go to Hell and back with if given the chance!
    I am blessed with friends, and family who could never ever be replaced and I wouldn’t try!
    Love ya my friend and I am happy the love of your life is a friend to you as well!
    May it always be so!
    J. D. O. M. Jr. Esq. the Third

  7. Wonderful blog, Hap. I really enjoyed reading your writing and seeing your imagery. Always a pleasure. 🙂

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